BCM designs and manufactures finished and semifinished metal products.
We are recognised experts in the field of metal processing by forming and machining, in addition to assembly work.
BCM has adopted a whole new management concept that encapsulates our constant quest for customer satisfaction, our trust in our people, and our innovative spirit.

A family background

Martine Buathier and René Mollard created BCM Métallerie in 1991 to meet the needs of a major name in outdoor advertising.
Sébastien Buathier took control of the company in 2005 and introduced another dimension by adding a design office, developing a strategy of greater diversification and introducing a customer-focused organisation.


Tin-plated aluminium terminal
Insulation-piercing aluminium terminal
Hanger plate
Galvanised steel base plate


Aluminium formwork
Glass façade
Bioclimatic pergola system
Aluminium sun screen


Front of food processing machine
PET bottle blowing and filling machine
CNC machine housing


Aircraft hydraulic control valve
Aluminium sidemembers for electric cars
Toll booth optical detection barrier
Carriage interior lining

Open-space communication

Camera display unit
3D TV corner
3D TV corner
3D glasses test stand

Luxury goods

Pen clip
Leather bag zip pulls and D-rings
Clasps for leather goods
Minaudière fasteners
Aluminium components for leather goods

Street furniture

Aluminium/wood orangery tubs
Lacquered aluminium tubs
Modular bench with planter
Braided aluminium pot

Products & Solutions

Design Office – Technical Solution Engineers

Developing innovative technologies in metal processing

Enhancing and optimising products and processes for constant improvement in quality and economic performance

Designing your product to your specifications for guaranteed product performance

BCM has the capacity required to handle large-scale projects (products with up to 500 parts) within very short time frames – Project teams



    Sections up to 7 m long
  • Management of aluminium section extrusion in Europe
  • Sawing machines for short and long lengths
  • Range of multiaxis CNC machining centres
  • Section punching on presses


  • Purchasing/sourcing of specific sandwich panels
  • Four-axis machining up to 4300x2200 mm


  • Series of multiaxis centres for machining titanium, stainless steels and other nonferrous materials

Sheet steelwork

Combined laser cutting/punching with autoloader

  • 2500 x 1250mm
  • Stainless steel up to 4 mm thick
  • Steel up to 4 mm thick
  • Aluminium up to 4 mm thick

Laser cutting with autoloader

  • 3000 x 1500mm
  • Stainless steel up to 12 mm thick
  • Steel up to 20 mm thick
  • Aluminium up to 8 mm thick

Folding, bending and rolling shop

  • Up to 130 tonnes
  • Length 3000 mm


Aluminium MIG welding robot

  • Double table
  • Fourth axis
  • 2000 x 1200mm per table

Steel & aluminium MIG welding booths

  • 3000 x 1500mm
  • Stainless steel up to 12 mm thick
  • Steel up to 20 mm thick
  • Aluminium up to 8 mm thick

Steel, aluminium, stainless steel & titanium TIG welding

  • Highly technical welds with & without filler metal

Welding performed by certified technicians with periodic qualification follow-up per EN ISO 9606-2:2013 and EN 287-1:2011

Surface treatment

We also offer a range of surface treatments either in-house or outsourced to local partners:

POLISSAGE par Tribofinition et Manuel, BROSSAGE sur Inox et Aluminium, Passivation des inox (en bain et en traitement localisé), ZINGAGE, ETAMAGE sur Acier et sur Aluminium, Dépôt de métaux précieux, GALVANISATION, CATAPHORESE, THERMOLAQUAGE des ensembles mécanosoudée Aluminium ou Acier, ANODISATION sur Aluminium et Titane - Qualanod, THERMOLAQUAGE sur profilés aluminium - Qualicoat

  • POLISHING by vibratory finishing and manual techniques
  • BRUSHING on stainless steel and aluminium
  • PASSIVATION of stainless steels (bath or local treatment)
  • TIN PLATING on steel and aluminium
  • Coating with precious metals
  • POWDER COATING of welded steel or aluminium assemblies
  • ANODISING of aluminium and titanium – Qualanod
  • POWDER COATING of aluminium sections – Qualicoat

As surface treatment is a critically important step in the manufacture of metal products, our expert partners are involved from the design stage.

Quality control through in-house inspection of appearance, colour, thickness and adhesion


  • Structural bonding of metals and composites
  • Capacitor discharge stud welding
  • Threaded insert and standoff fitting
  • Semi-automatic riveting
  • Böllhoff clinching process for joining thin sheets
  • Screwing with precise torque control (up to 30 Nm)

BCM is located in the south-east of France, halfway between Lyon and Geneva.

ZA Moulin à Papier
Tel: +33(0)4 74 36 24 93
fax: +33(0)4 74 36 27 99

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